Official award of the federal coat of arms


On May 30, 2022, Alfred Schneckenreither and Sonja Schneckenreither officially received this award for the Int. Spedition Schneckenreither at the Ministry of Economics in Vienna from the section head Georg Konetzky. Which was awarded to us in October 2021 by the Federal Minister for Digitalization and Business Location, Dr. Schramböck due to our exceptional achievements.
In the years 2019- 2021, a total of only 10 companies were awarded. It fills us with great pride and joy to be one of “ONLY” 75 Austrian companies that have received and are allowed to represent the national coat of arms.
This award shows how exclusive and outstanding a company is and stands for special merits in the field of innovation and sustainable management. We would like to thank our employees for their support and commitment, which made this award possible.