Perfect solutions
for our customers


Service Design

To offer holistic logistics solutions, we are constantly rethinking things! In a rapidly changing world, we adapt our services to the wishes and requirements of our customers.

Whether transport, warehousing, logistics, customs, IT or quality – we are constantly improving, finding solutions and creating new ways. And so, depending on the individual objectives and needs, we either develop completely new services or optimize existing ones: We give our customers what they want, the way they want it, and at the time they need it.


  • Europe-wide and extensive general cargo transport
  • Regular international (groupage) cargo transports
  • International partial and full loads
  • Specialist for the destinations of Eastern Europe, Turkey, Switzerland, Scandinavia and cross-haulage in Europe


  • Customized
  • (Fine) commissioning
  • Small parts and pharmaceuticals
  • Temperature controlled
  • Fresh products and food


  • Contract logistics, outsourcing, distribution
  • Customized planning and warehouse management
  • Tailor-made value-added services
  • Co-packing, display construction, MHD & EAN labeling

Customs clearance

  • Export and import clearance
  • T1 / T2 and T2L creation
  • EUR1 / ATR clearance and confirmation at the customs office
  • Authorized sender and recipient

It is not the big players who set the direction,
but those who adapt more quickly to customer requirements and the market.

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