New buses for our tire transports at SLW Wels


23 new Ducato buses were ordered for our tire logistics.

With almost 300,000 kilometers traveled per minibus, these are now being replaced with the latest model for safety reasons.

With this investment, the vehicles are again at the cutting edge of technology. Among other things, they are equipped with a telecamera for a rear view in order to be able to see obstacles in the blind spot and to avoid accidents. In addition, our drivers can benefit from a more ergonomic workplace inside the bus, which is equipped with special headrests and a suspension seat for comfortable entry and exit.

At the moment, the switch from diesel minibuses to e-buses is not economically viable, as long distances cannot be covered on time due to increased e-charging activities. For example, conventionally motorized minibuses have a range of up to 900 km, while the actual range of today’s e-minibuses is only a maximum of 300 km. In addition, the payload of the e-buses is still relatively low.

We the Schneckenreither group keep an eye on the rapid technological progress of these vehicles in order to not only rely on alternative energy sources in our company cars in the future, but also increasingly in our vans and heavy traffic.

We wish you a good trip at all times!